Producer of Aquarium

We are a company since 1983. The passion of working glass was passed down from generation to generation, then combined with the aquarium hobby and resulted in the creation of our current business.

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We are one of the biggest aquarium producers and experts in Poland. Our products decorate appartments and offices in the country and abroad. We can boast a wide range of standard products as well as multiple realizations of individual orders.

We constantly strive to improve our products and make more new solutions and additional elements to the offer. We believe that during your next visit in the pet store you will see our products on the shelves and join to the ever growing number of our satisfied customers.

Our Offer

In our offer we have aquariums that will fit in the most unusual bay, racks, stands and tables. We offer simple, curved and corner aquariums. To our aquarium provide a comfortable environment for animals and owners are required additional accessories. In the standing offer we have several pieces of equipment.

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OptiWhite Aquariums

We produce aquariums with crystal clear glass „Optiwhite”. Optiwhite glass is completely clear float glass with reduced iron content. Glass is practically colorless and characteristic greenish color of ordinary glass, especially noticeable with thicker panels, has been completely removed.